Special Events

At Montessori Children’s House, we believe that there is a great deal of learning that can happen beyond our school’s walls, in our community.  We foster this belief when we go on class field trips and host guest speakers in our classrooms.  We explore amazing places like our local Fire Department and the UW-Washington County observatory where we explore our universe.  Parents and professionals frequently visit our classes to share their knowledge and love of learning.


Throughout the school year, and even in Summer, we enjoy a variety of wonderful family activities like our Scholastic book fair, Grandparents day, Mom’s Night and Dad’ Night, and our Christmas program, which has been tradition here for many, many years.


These events not only create beautiful, lasting memories, but also serve to further each child’s development while allowing parents a glimpse into their child’s day here at Montessori Children’s House.


Field trips are used to enhance many curriculum subjects at Montessori Children's House.
Parents' nights allow mom's and dad's the chance to share in the learning at Montessori Children's House, West Bend, WI
Trips, guest speakers, and special friends all enhance our curriculum at Montessori Children's House, West Bend, WI.
Getting into nature is a key component of the education at Montessori Children's House.
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