Child Care

In addition to our outstanding Montessori based educational programs, Montessori Children’s House also offers exceptional Childcare services, both before and after class times.


Our Childcare service is designed with you in mind, and allows great flexibility to accommodate your busy schedules while also enhancing your child’s Montessori experience.


Childcare services begin each morning with a nutritious breakfast.  Our staff will prepare the items of food you supply for your children to enjoy in our kitchen area. We have plenty of extra storage space to accommodate extra food items, if you wish to store some at school.


After breakfast, you will usually find us outdoors if the weather is nice, enjoying plenty of fresh air and exercise. If, however, the weather is inclement, we have a wide variety of fun, exciting indoor activities that students can explore!


Everything from art, building blocks, trains, cars, dress up, music, books and so much to let their imaginations soar!!


After normal classroom hours, children are served the lunches you provide for them.


After lunch, children have time to unwind and play during recess.  Either outdoors on our spacious playground, or indoor during inclement weather, this time allows the children to have fun being children.


Following recess, children ages 4 and under will take a nap.  Nap-time spans 30-90 minutes..  When the children wake from their naps they have a nutritious snack and juice before spending the rest of their day exploring and learning.


Childcare services are offered Monday through Friday, before normal classroom hours from 6:30am - 8:30am, and after classroom hours until 6:00pm.


Billing for Childcare services is based on our electronic door security system, which records when your child arrives and leaves each day.  Childcare services are charged according to these times with a minimum two hours billed per week.


For more information or to schedule an appointment to visit, please call our offices at (262) 334-5300.


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Open All Year With Ongoing Enrollment